Netvue Bildersuche

Netvue hat jetzt die Betaversion einer neuen Bildsuchmaschine zum Testen herausgebracht.

Auf der Netvue-Seite heisst es dazu:

Netvue allows users to search the internet for graphics, clipart, and photos. Netvue’s slide show presentation of results allows users to see the images in full size. While other image search sites restrict you to looking at a page of tiny thumbnails, Netvue simply retrieves the originating image itself. Other image search engines are fallable because they show thumbnails for content which may be inaccessable to you. Quite often, a user spends their time looking at „Page Not Found“ errors and is forced to go ‚back‘ and try their luck with clicking another thumbnail. Netvue is free of these hassles because it retrieves the full-sized image itself, skipping those that no longer exist.

Fragt sich, ob Netvue Probleme mit dem Urheberrecht bekommt. Die Suche ist schon jetzt nicht sehr performant.