What’s New in Digital Preservation

Die Digital Preservation Coaltion (DPC) und Preserving Access for Digital Information (PADI) der National Library of Australia haben in ihrer aktuellen Ausgabe (issue 132006 March – June 2006) von „What’s New in Digital Preservation“ auch einige Hinweise auf digitale Bilder:

Digital Images

In May, the AHDS (Arts and Humanities Data Service) released the final draft of the report Digital Images Archiving Study. The report is part of a series of feasibility studies produced by the AHDS which aim to assess the preservation risk and retention criteria for digital content. The purpose of the study is to define the preservation requirements of digital image files and to determine archiving methodologies and future research directions. Issues discussed include the properties of digital images, preservation methods, images metadata, life cycle models and assessing preservation costs.

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TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images) has released a public blog, TASI Lightbox, which includes information on copyright, digital preservation, file formats and storage of images. TASI has also updated many of its advice documents including those on storing digital data and file formats.

TASI (2006). TASI Lightbox. Retrieved 13 July, 2006 from: http://www.tasi.ac.uk/blog/

In April, the OpenRAW initiative, seeking digital image preservation through open documentation, published results from a survey undertaken between January and March this year. The survey was conducted to provide an opportunity to digital photographers, archivists and other interested parties to voice their opinions regarding proprietary RAW imaging formats. The OpenRAW Web site states that “More than two-thirds of the 19,207 participants expressed concern that they won’t be able to open or edit raw files created by older digital cameras.”

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