PhotoResearcher 13 (2010), 1: Photography in the Orient in the 19th Century

Das aktuelle Heft der Zeitschrift behandelt die Fotografie des Orients im 19. Jahrhundert.

PhotoResearcher. The Magazine of the European Society for the History of
Photography. Wien. ISBN 0958 2606; ISSN 0958 2606


  • Stéphanie Roy Bharath, The Sachés: a family of photographers working in India during the 19th century
  • Corien J.M. Achour-Vuurman, Arranging early photographs of Persepolis in Dutch photo-collections by the ideas of David Hockney
  • Bahattin Öztuncay, CARANZA: From Constantinople to the Société Française de Photographie
  • Mohammad Reza Tahmasbpour, Creative Photography in the Early Years of Photography in Iran
  • Stéphanie Roy Bharath, The Alkazi Collection of Photography: Visual Heritage from South Asia
  • Herta Wolf, „Collections of all Kinds will be Formed“ The Photograph as an Image and Medium for Taking Inventory

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