Call for Papers: Time and Photography

Vom 13. bis zum 15. März 2008 findet die Tagung Time and Photography: Time in Photography, Photography in Time statt.
Leuven & Louvain-la-Neuve
Deadline für den CFP ist der 31. Dezember

This conference is a key moment in the new international cross disciplinary interest in photography in its relationships with time. Until recently, the various approaches of photography and time were elaborated in relative isolation. Among these approaches were: the narratological, poetological and art-theoretical approaches, which study the representation of time in the fixed image and its multiple decodings by an active reader; the historical approach, which considers the photograph a form of historical evidence; and the anthropological approach, which examines the photograph the transformations of the image as a material object through time. The members of the organizing committee, the keynote speakers, and the various contributors, have all published widely not just within one or more of these perspectives, but have encountered within their own research the necessity to theorize the interdisciplinary dimensions of the ongoing work as well as to implement them in new joint research projects, which will be debated during the conference.

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